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Mistress Day. Is your partner not available Feb 13th?

According to the news, Giant Retail chains have invented Mistress Day.. A day which backed up by some flimsy data. The data provided comes from two sources I have found.. 1) A site dedicated to finding a sexual partner with the tag:   Married Dating and Descreet encounters Have an Affair   2) A private investigator with his list of   Tell tail signs your significant other is cheating.   One of which is:   Is your partner not available Feb 13th   

Well it stands to reason the day before Hallmark's initiated and planned day for Romance be the day most partners would cheat.. If you did it the day after, your harlot would be upset that they didn't come first. So there is probably some grain of truth to the day being dedicated to the so called "Mistress"...

What I find comical is under the Google search "Mistress Day" the first news article, and there is not very many of them yet, states:   it is true that men who have mistresses are celebrating with them a new version of Valentine's Day on the 13th of February   "Men who has mistresses" meaning a Man that has a Mistress - Yet when you look up Mistress, you are presented with... Mistress as in the Dominatrix type   Mistress.   (Note the last picture in Google's image search.) I wonder how long it'll take before real Dominatrix Mistresses demand their slaves or pets to be extra submissive on Feb 13th.

The interesting thing about searching this particular day it comes up with articles about "Spending Habits" - Men to spend twice as much on their Mistress for Mistress Day, than their wife for Valentines Day. - Even in the article in the screen shot it goes on about local retail outlets notorious for Romantic associated goods get TWO DAYS of sales vs just one, and pushes it off as a "Good Thing"...

To me this screams major retail chains like Hallmark, Victoria's Secret, and Russell Stover, LOVE the idea of promoting a day dedicated to promiscuity. If it thrusts more money in the bank accounts over two days instead of one, and it has a small grain of reasonable truth behind it, ADVERTISE IT TO THE MASSES! Make sure the entire WORLD knows about it!!! What day will be next??

Don't forget the celebrate the Third Friday in October, it'll be Sweetest Mistress Day!  This year it's October 18th.


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